C# Headless Browser with PhantomJS

This shows a basic implementation of the Headless Browser PhantomJS in a C# DLL, with which Website could be loaded to get the HTML of the Site. The importen think why i use a PhantomJS in this Project is because with this i can provide a HTML to robots an Crawler for one of my Websites which is created in AngluarJS.

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Open With

This is about a DLL for opening a file with an application that the user can select from a collection of applications that supports the files extension.

This DLL has a UserControl which demonstrates how it works, a WindowsForm Formular that you call with astatic function and can give you the Diagnostics.Process back from the opened application likeProcess.Start does.

I need an Open With function for a software I am currently working on, like the Windows function from theContextmenu of a file and if the user selects an application to open with, I need the Diagnostics.Processfor it to see when the application is closed to save the file back in my software. The problem was .NET does not provide as a function.

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Mulitautocomplete Textbox

I needed for a project a Textbox with an Autocomplete function that I can use multiple times in one Textboxand at any point in the Text, but the default Windows Forms Textbox dosen’t support this function. So I created this class to provide a custom function for an Autocomplete with suggesting.

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